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AromaChill Relaxation System

Breathe to relax -- It's only natural!


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Video (6 min): The AromaChill Story

Video (10 min): A Conversation about the Remarkable AromaChill


for 'round-the-clock relaxation -- 

  • daytime for stress
  • nighttime for insomnia

We developed the new AromaChill relaxation system to help people relax safely and easily during the day and at night. 

This relaxation provides a natural sense of well-being during the day.  Relaxation also helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep -- whether its during your first attempt to fall asleep or later, during an upsetting middle-of-the-night wake-up.

AromaChill (patent pending) is the FIRST OF ITS KIND:  a huggable, hand-held, soft-tech, affordable aid for sleep and stress management. 

It is a non-medical solution for individuals (like you) who like to find self-help solutions to improve their wellness by managing their daytime stress and optimizing their sleep-time.

Do you or someone you know have sleep-time challenges?

For millions of people every night, easily falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night is a formidable struggle.  When chronic insomnia reduces the time asleep, healthy and restorative sleep is reduced.  The consequence of insomnia is increased physiological and emotional stress, cognitive decline, and further disordered sleep.  It has been reported that severe, chronic insomnia is experienced by more than 30 million Americans of all ages and hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  Inadequate duration and quality of sleep are associated with reduced healthspan, longevity, and well-being during waking hours. 

Pharmaceutical interventions are typically contraindicated for chronic insomnia.  Their effectiveness, if any, is short-lived in that tolerance develops within a few weeks.  Sleeping pills can damage essential, restorative and deep sleep and are too often accompanied by side effects like hallucinations or frightening sleepwalking episodes, combined with dangerous daytime drowsiness related to auto accidents, and especially for elders, falls and fractures.  The FDA has taken the news spotlight, pointing to auto accidents associated with widely prescribed insomnia drugs.  FDA now recommends a drastically reduced dosage.  They also took the opportunity to alert the public that all insomnia medications carry a risk for next day driving and other alertness impairment. 

Many other clinical and self-help intervention strategies are typically used with varying degrees of success.


The AromaChill™ Relaxation System (patent pending)

The AromaChill™ relaxation system helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by safely and easily accessing natural mechanisms of relaxation.  In addition, it improves the maintenance of healthy sleep and creates a daytime sense of well-being. 

AromaChill is a huggable, low-tech, affordable aid for the self-help wellness market.  With our prototypes and protocols currently undergoing market testing, this relaxation and sleep-care product, primarily focused on insomnia, is expected to be the first of its kind.

AromaChill is a focal point for “mindful breathing” techniques, historically proven to help reduce sleep latency and increase restorative sleep. It delivers aromatic air that is conditioned with selected scents, also historically proven to help induce relaxation. 

AromaChill also slightly reduces brain temperature in the prefrontal cortex (the brain’s “executive” department), where there is evidence of beneficial effect from cooling. 

AromaChill serves as an effective means to instill new habits and lifestyle modifications for better sleep hygiene.  Use of AromaChill is reported to lead to feelings of empowerment about sleep and relaxation, dispelling popular myths, fear, and anxiety about both. 

We believe AromaChill will find broad based support among chronic insomniacs in widely varied demographics.  In addition to the growing elder demographic, young to middle age adults often experience insomnia in connection with daytime stress and difficulty “turning off” their minds for sleep. 

A group of volunteer testers is currently using AromaChill prototypes.  Prior to using AromaChill, these individuals had reported that they were experiencing ongoing problems with initial sleep onset or with not falling back to sleep after awakening during the night. They have since reported personal satisfaction with AromaChill’s effectiveness.  They report that AromaChill helps them relax and significantly reduces their time to fall asleep, whether at sleep onset or after nocturnal awakenings. 


About LifeSense Technologies, LLC

LifeSense Technologies, LLC has developed this AromaChill proprietary technology and plans to market it in a variety of innovative ways. We are a seed stage, privately held, Washington limited liability company founded by Robert Bornn in 2011 to develop and commercialize his proprietary AromaChill relaxation invention.

AromaChill reflects the founder’s four decades of experience with inventing, developing, and licensing physiological monitoring products. 

The team members include:

Robert Bornn, founder and principal inventor, serves as the managing member and President of LifeSense Technologies, LLC.  As a sleep product development professional, he leads the company team in the commercialization of his proprietary technology.  Mr. Bornn personally fabricated and tested the early proof-of-principle prototypes and then assembled the company's management, design, usability, manufacturing, and legal team to further develop the product and the company's intellectual property.

Laura Worth, MSW, cofounder and co-inventor, serves as Vice President of the company.  She manages administrative functions, accounting, legal, marketing, product usability, and testing protocols for the company. 

Joshua R. Stewart, IDSA, co-inventor, serves as Senior Industrial Designer and Product Design Manager for the company.  He has prototyped AromaChill for testing, will complete the manufacturing specifications, and supervise production.

AromaChill Advisors: Shawn DeNae Eddy, John B. Davis, and Carol Wilcox. 

Brad Tollefson, of VLST Productions, media consultant and videographer for "The AromaChill Story" and "A Conversation about the Remarkable AromaChill."

Kevin Costanza, Esq. of Seed Intellectual Property Law Group, IPPC, provides counsel to the company for IP development and licensing.


Robert Bornn, President
LifeSense Technologies, LLC
PO Box 2443
Vashon,  WA  98070

(206) 463-4284

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